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inspiring stories

Both our donors and the beneficiaries of their generosity have stories to share.

"By supporting and donating to IFAW's many worldwide programs, I have the assurance the world is made a better place IFAW has been on the front lines of today's many struggles to make our planet a kinder, more welcoming place for All."

— Diana E. Fitzgerald


“Animals are why I live and breathe. They mean so much to me. To have a world devoid of them would be a monumental tragedy. I want to leave a legacy to help preserve them. IFAW is a wonderful charity that I have supported for most of my adult years and will continue to do so.”

— Suzanne Schiffman


When I learnt about the ambitious 50th anniversary global legacy campaign, I was delighted to be able to sign up and commit. It really feels like a natural choice and extension of myself.

— Graeme Cottam, Board Member

Juliana Kickert

Juliana Kickert had a passion for animals and shared her life with two horses, two cats, and a dog. Her dedication and commitment to animals extended far beyond her personal life and she was a champion for many conservation and animal welfare organizations.

Photo © IFAW

50 years of helping animals, people, and the place we call home.