international fund for animal welfare legacy society

Join an incredible network of like minded people - the IFAW legacy society.

Every year, more and more people around the world are creating a Legacy Gift with IFAW.

In nine different countries, spanning four different continents, many have shared with us they are including a legacy gift in their plans and we are honored.

Get Closer To Our Work


We want you to feel closer to our work by inviting you along to program lectures, events, and other related events where you have the opportunity to hear more about some of the program projects are engaged in, and ask questions to the people in the field running them. We invite you to touch base with us if you are interested to join any future events. We hope to see you at one in the future!

Social Media
Social media is a great way for us to reach supporters around the world with the most recent updates and stories. Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or find yourself watching endless videos on YouTube, we are there also. You can follow us on social media and we will keep you informed of the latest happenings from various projects around the world, and share stories of the animals we have rescued and looking after.

Program Updates
When you connect with us we can ensure your receive our program update newsletter twice a year, keeping you in the loop with some of our big news stories. These update newsletters provide a great way of sharing with you all the victories for animals we are achieving, together.

What inspired you to connect with IFAW?

Photo © Vanessa Mignon