Karen SwopeKaren Swope has cared deeply about animals and nature since she was a young child. Her belief that all living things on the planet are inter-connected and dependent on one another for survival drives her passion for animal rescue and conservation. Karen and her husband John, whom she met in the 1960s, while they were working in a physics lab together, shared a lifelong love of nature before he passed away in 1990.

Years ago, when Karen learned about IFAW, she was drawn to our mission of animals and people thriving together around the world. While she shared that all of our projects interest her, she is especially inspired by our conservation efforts in Africa, including training rangers to protect wildlife like elephants and big cats from poaching.

Karen decided to include IFAW in her Will, driven by her desire to protect our planet and the lives of animals around the globe long into the future. “I’m trying to sustain this planet after I’m gone. My estate will benefit people, animals and plants around the world, and I encourage others to donate and to learn more about nature.”